Monday, February 8, 2010

porch sit (couple a day #20)

OK, everybody. I'm going to have to fudge a little this week. I had a call last week from my Kansas City gallery, Prairiebrooke. They are planning to feature us at their February 19th open house and need some new work. So, I've laid my couples aside and gotten to work for them (I'm photographing what I made for them tomorrow or Wed., I'll share). Prairiebrooke is a fabulous, family owned gallery...if you live in the area stop by and see Mike, Brooke, and daughter Megan.

I'm posting a couple today anywho. This is a favorite of mine that was out at a gallery for a while and has recently come home. It's underpainting free but is instead painted on a little cherry wood laminate panel. We had some flooring left over from our recently renovated library/guest room and broke it down for small paintings.

I love the color of this wood as it works perfectly for shadowed skin tones. I don't love it as my library floor, though. I've told Genna we're going to have to rip it up and make 2,000 little paintings. He loved that idea (ha ha ha).

"Porch Sit", oil on cherry, framed in black, 7" x 6", $220

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