Friday, February 26, 2010

diptych dos

A lovely prospective client that met us at Brookside in Kansas City has asked that we revisit our image "301 Main Street Diptych" (shown above). I was delighted to do so as this was one of my very favorite 2009 works.

The challenge in this piece was to make a piece in two parts where each part could stand alone as a painting but together make one cohesive work. Also, I began with two extremely different underpaintings...different both in palette and in orientation. The one on the right was horizontally striped and the one on the left was vertically striped. Each piece was brought individually to 90% completion. Then they were hung together to finish the final 10% of the process, developing rhythms and harmonies and between the two. Voila.

What I like about these two as a diptych is the way the composition in the left hand painting funnels down into the right hand painting. The brick walk on the left mates up the curb on the right, creating one strong horizontal line that travels through both.

I'm documenting the building of the new piece here, probably in two or three posts as it developes. I'm beginning with the right hand panel.

Here are the two pieces drawn out and just begun:

And here is the progression of the right hand panel from beginning to 95ish% completed. (If I was more clever I could have presented it as a little slideshow...but I'm not.) ((Also, please forgive the photo quality as I shot these indoors right on the easle.)):

Stay tuned...

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