Friday, February 12, 2010

newly wed (couple a day #23)

I'm sorry I forgot about you guys yesterday. Genna and I left for Miami yesterday morning and you just slipped my mind! We've made it here safely and with little trouble thus far. Last night we slept at a Holiday Inn that smelled just like the inside of an ashtray. We finished our set up today just ahead of a crazy nasty storm...excellent timing!

That's not what I'm here to tell you, though, right? Tonight I am posting my last 'couple a day' painting. I thougnt it would be appropriate to make it the only wedding couple I've ever painted (and may ever paint) since it's the eve of Valentine's Eve. This piece is from our "Inspirations" show that just wrapped up at 16 Patton in Asheville. There is a lovely little story about the couple that I'll tell you when I get home and can look it up.

See the hidden heart?

Happy Valentine's Day, all.

"Newly Wed", oil on masonite, 10" x 8", $300
available from 16 Patton Gallery, Asheville NC

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