Wednesday, February 3, 2010

buff & beachcomber (couple a day #17)

Today's couple is another 'two-fer', a pair of 7" x 5" canvases. These are mine alone with no Genna flavor. Seeing these gives me a really clear idea of what Genna brings to the table...these are more subtle and settled without the jazz of the vibrant underpainting. I must admit that they're far easier to make! I draw on the white canvas instead of over a patterned ground then wash the drawings with color that I know will work with the final overlay of paint. It almost feels like cheating not having to wrestle the underlayers into submission!

The guy is "Buff", oil on linen, 7" x 5", $200
The gal is "Beachcomber", oil on linen, 7" x 5", $200 (or $350 for the pair)

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