Tuesday, February 2, 2010

blending in (couple a day #16)

So, this is the piece I was telling you I was really excited about last week. You're underwhelmed aren't you? Perhaps I oversold it.

The good and the bad about pursuing the same basic style of work for an extended period is that (for me anyway) changes come slowly. I have lots of time to fully explore and expand upon the set of ideas and parameters I'm working with. Day to day I see little change in what I'm doing, but year to year I see lots. For that reason I get really excited when I'm able to recognize even a small shift in thinking in a new piece.

So what's different about this one, right? I'm not quite sure yet. I believe it has to do with the overall porousness of the edges of the forms. Working on an active, mid toned ground pushes me to use super high contrast shifts to delineate shapes. Here I think I've managed to define the figures and separate out the levels of space without 'screaming' them into place. Maybe more about that later as I organize my thoughts.

"Blending In", oil on masonite, 16" x 12", $375 (sold)
(I don't love this title and am open to suggestions)

1 comment:

  1. I really like this piece,especially the one point perspective lines that shoot back to the house via the red edge. And I love how the tree shifts from red to green slap in the middle. Hope I get to see it in person!