Friday, January 22, 2010

striped in the alley (couple a day #10)

Every once in a while I make something that somehow I'm a little uneasy about. Maybe it's different in a way I can't quite identify, or maybe it's a little 'edgier' than the main body of my work. Sometimes those turn out to be ones I just never like and they get painted over. Other times they turn out to be pieces that are the beginning of a new direction. I think this may be one of those. I wasn't quite sure about it when I made it but it's growing on me steadily.

One thing I know for sure I like is that the couple has no paint whatsoever (what so ever?) on their flesh but are instead little people shaped windows into the underpainting. I love when that happens.

Happy weekend, everybody!

"Striped in the Alley", oil on masonite, 20" x 16", $450

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