Friday, January 1, 2010

Congratulations to "Inspirations" Winner!

A much belated congratulations to Kimberly Beavers who won the painting "Trike Girls" (30" x 24" oil on linen) at our 16 Patton opening in November. We were thrilled to meet Kim at our reception in Asheville and to find out that she was already an enthusiastic supporter of our work, having purchased two pieces previously through Danna at 16 Patton.

I think it was fated that Kim should win her painting. The photo she submitted was of her mother as a child with a friend on a tricycle. Her mother was a twin (although she wasn't with her twin in the photo), and Kim recently gave birth to twin girls. Kim's girls are blond and brunette, as are the girls in the painting. Kismet, no? Kim's friends and family were as charmed as me by all of these connections and she won the email vote by a landslide!

Many thanks to Danna Anderson at 16 Patton. Danna is a model gallerist...professional, friendly, hard working, consistent, and pro-active. An article she solicited about the show in the Asheville Citizen Times was my favorite ever written about our work. Unfortunately, it's no longer on their website. I'll try to get it to share with you guys...

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  1. I was one of the ones who submitted a photo for the contest. Although 'Salute' did not win, it was fun to see how you interpreted it in the painting. And my husband will be purchasing it for me in May for our 5th anniversary. Looking forward to having my first Signe piece and hoping to acquire more in the future.