Monday, January 18, 2010

enough about me (or) kia pots update

It occurred to me that I never let everybody know how our Kia US order turned out. We shipped more than 630 pieces to almost as many seperate addresses with NO BREAKAGE thanks to one of my new favorite people...Mike at the LaGrange UPS Store. What a pleasure to do business with someone who consistently goes above and beyond. Mike himself came to the studio and transported all of our babies to UPS where they were carefully packed and shipped. Many, many thanks to Mike.

Anyway, Kia was very happy with their order and have already followed up with an order for a large vase they gave as a gift to a visiting Korean dignitary in December. They wouldn't tell us who it was, so I'm guessing the President of Korea (aim high, right?). Here's what we sent them:

Funny story about that. We were at my parent's place for Thanksgiving which is in the middle of the woods and gets horrible cell reception. Genna got a call on his cell phone. Listening to his side of the conversation, I could tell it was a telemarketer. After struggling to understand her for several moments of a really bad connection, he says (in a not very nice, actually pretty mean tone of voice) "You know what, this is really not a good time for me. You're gonna have to try me another time." Then he listens for a few more seconds with an irritated face before going completely pale and launching into the 'I'm so so sorry' talk. It was Kia America President Ahn's executive secretary calling to thank us for a gift we sent him and trying to place an order. HA!

So, Kia America was happy enough with their order that they recommended us to Kia Canada for a similar project. Genna is a few days away from finishing up throwing 230 vases for them. Here is a sample of what the finished product will look like:

If we play our cards right, maybe we can just work for Kia from now on! It's definitely easier than the Art Fair Circus.


  1. You two just rock! I love ( l o v e ) today's couple, especially all the broken up bits of sky, and Genna's pots are gorgeous, I'm trying to guess the scale on the top one, is it about 3 ft tall?? Amazing!

  2. I think it was around 2' tall. It was actually my anniversary gift from Genna a few years ago, but I had to give it up for the cause!