Saturday, January 16, 2010

boys of summer on the easel

Hi guys! I'm on a 'couple' break for the weekend but still in the studio. Before I left yesterday, I began a new version of my grandpa and his navy buddies on the beach. It's a big one, 48" x 60", with a beautiful 'sunset striped' underpainting courtesy of Genna. Here's what it looked like this morning:

I like to paint the lightest lights and darkest darks first thing so that I can see the overall composition through all of the screaming underpainting. My first thought when I looked at this this morning (which actually was more like noonish!) was that I loved that stuttering blue stripe running through the center of the figures and wanted to hold onto that if possible. To play that up, I painted in a similar blue between the bottoms of their legs:

After separating their figures with some changes in skin tone and filling in the shirt and towel shape, I believe I'm about 95% finished:

I'll post the properly photographed finished piece on the website next week. I'm tempted to call this "Smokin' on the Beach" as they're all hot and holding cigarettes, but cutesy titles make my skin itch. So, she's either "Boys of Summer" or "Sunset Quintet Redux". Probably "Boys of Summer".

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