Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new neutrals

I know its hard to tease out from our work what is mine and what is Genna's, but if you can you realize quite quickly that my palette is actually quite restrained. Most of the cacophony of color in our pieces emanates out from the underpainting.

In a few of our newest pieces, I am employing an almost completely neutral over painting. For example, here is our new "Upright Tarpon" (48" x 24"), finished day before yesterday:

If you look closely, my layer is almost entirely grey, black, tan, and taupe.

Another new one from this week (Boy Line, Bike Tangle, 48" x 36") sports a brand new color that I don't think I've ever touched before...a soft, peat-y, bunny rabbit brown that I think everyone will be seeing more of:

Have a beautiful day everybody!

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