Tuesday, April 27, 2010

recent acquisitions

One of my favorite things about traveling the 'art fair circuit' is the opportunity to add to my own little art collection. I thought you might like to see who I brought home from our last outing. The pictures are not of exactly what I bought, just works by that artist.

In Atlanta I picked up a charming little watercolor of a woman mooning a penguin by Rhode Island funny man Greg Stones. Its title is 'penguin, woman, bum'. This one is 'penguin, sock monkey, death'...

In Birmingham I made two purchases and two trades. My buys were a little drawing/mono print piece by Mark Traughber (this is my actual piece)...

and a sculpture by Joan Rasmussen whose website is beautiful and won't let me steal her pictures.

My trades were a fantastic robot with a spy glass by Anthony Pack (who I couldn't find a website for). His business is called 'Urban Folk Art' if you'd like to google him.

and a large painting by my all time art crush Kathrine Allen-Coleman.

Check them out so they won't be mad at me for using their images here without their permission!


  1. Oh you beat me to it! I've been thinking about posting something like this alllll day! We really have similar taste in art, as I was coveting something by Joan, Anthony, and Mark! Not only will they be able to show our work in MOMA one day, but they can also have an exhibit of our collections! ; )

  2. Very nice works! I especially like the ones by Greg Stones and Kathrine Allen-Coleman. :)