Friday, August 12, 2011

grushovenko gallery pics

Hi everybody! We're two weeks open at Grushovenko Gallery and I finally got around to taking a few photos. They start from the outside and proceed more or less from the font to the back. Genna built the wall just inside the front door facing out that has the bathing girls painting on it. It's on casters so it can be moved around the room and also provides storage for our extra pieces (Genna is a genius). The last few pics are of our neighbor Joey and his studio. Our spaces connect through the west wall.

Pics are clickable.

Grushovenko Gallery is open every Friday and Saturday from 10-5 and every first Friday of the month from 6-9. We're at 1203 Pendelton Street, Greenville.


  1. this is so awesome. I LOVE the at home feel with the furniture and accessories. Fabulous. You guys are doing so well. The move becomes you.

  2. Well done! Love it!

    Ryan W.

  3. this is the gallery of my dreams...i am so jealous! good vibes sent to the stratosphere for your amazing success in your new space!

    oh, and thanks for the cards!