Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here we are with the unified diptych. Yay! The process of bringing the two images together consisted of 2 days of wandering around the studio staring at them and maybe an hour of actually working on the canvases. I've posted the 90% finished works paired together below so that you can see the differences.

Basically, I simplied some of the shapes in the left hand bushes, carried a little of the buttery yellow over to the right hand piece and brightened the lower right shape on the right hand piece to help 'hold up' that side of the composition.

I'm tickeled with how this came out. I think it shares the spirit of the first "Main Street Diptych" while bringing its own new goodies to the table.

I forgot to mention the original inspiration for this work, which will hopefully become a new series. In collecting old pics, I often run across sets that are obviously taken one right after the other (a daughter holds the camera to shoot Mom and Dad, then Mom does the same for father and daughter). I love studying these little pairs and seeing how much the overall flow, rhythm, and spirit of a scene can change from one moment to the next. This set (image posted below) had a shift in perspective from one to the other. It's also sort of like those picture puzzles in kid's magazines where you have to find the 12 things that are different. I love that.

I know I'm talking too much and most of you have already given up, but one more quick client related reading these posts to watching a surrogate carrying her soon to be born twins. Isn't that the best?

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  1. Nice Signe-now you're birthin' babies for clients? Geez what more can you do? I enjoyed reading your thoughts... never too much talk, just not enough time to read sometimes! But I do appreciate your process-good stuff smartie pants!