Sunday, May 6, 2012

splitting the team

 Genna and I have been together for 13 years this July, collaborating for over ten, and traveling to festivals for about eight.  We both work from home and we spend around four hundred hours a year in a van together.  People often ask us jokingly what this is like, as they assume its probably filled with strife and irritation, and I always answer that it's fantastic...89% of the time.  The truth is that it's fantastic 98% of the time, but 89% is funnier.  98% sounds both fake and cloyingly sweet.

There was lots of fighting at the very beginning of our travels.  It generally revolved around the setting up of our tent/display and my irrational nerves over traveling.  Over time, we worked out all of the kinks and got the fighting down to maybe once every three or four shows.  We've done our respective 'setting up' jobs so many times now that we barely need to speak to one another.  It's like a mime ballet.

A handful of weeks ago, fate conspired to split our team.  Running low on work during a 5 week 'tour', we decided I would sit out a show and stay home to paint.  Shortly after making that decision, we were invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the 2012 HGTV Green Home during the time we were scheduled to be at the Brookside Art Annual in Kansas City.  Reluctantly, I agreed to stay back and attend and leave sweet Genna on his own for a second festival.

Secretly, I was delighted.  I felt like a child that was getting to stay home from school.  No sweaty set sitting around for three days in the heat (or rain, or wind) waiting.  Our team splitting experiment is now nearly done and I can say without hesitation that I never want to do it again!  I missed the sweaty set up.  I missed the sitting around.  I missed the dinners and drinks with our artist friend posse.  I even missed the riding in the van.  To rub salt in the wound, Genna gave himself some little vacations in between shows and visited museums, antique stores, and Elvis's house.  Jerk.  Mostly, though, I missed Genna.  Our everyday mime ballet is hard to do with one person.  I think he felt the same.  It took him around six hours to break down our booth from the first show.

On the plus side, I attended the Green Home ribbon cutting with my mother and my very best friend, and it was a beautiful, proud moment that I was more than happy to share with them.  Serenbe, the site of the Green Home, is a 1000 acre wooded retreat that I would highly recommend checking out if you're anywhere near the Atlanta area.  Dinner and breakfast at the Farmhouse were spectacular.  We toured the Green Home and took a hundred blurry iphone pictures in front of our painting.  All in all a great two days that I won't ever forget.

That said, I'm ready for my man to come home.  I'm bored of my own company and ready to resume our 24 hour a day collaboration!

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  1. It is funny how parallel our lives are! I'm sure Genna is home safe and sound, and I think we'll see you next weekend!